Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fondue...spawned from the forehead of SATAN

Fondue last night.  Ok, some of you may be able to resist a huge pot of Emmentaler and Guryere cheese.  And lots of bread.  And artichokes with melted butter.  And more cheese.  And hats off to you if you are the kind of person who can bring a pair of Really Big Brass Ovaries to the table in such circumstances and just say no, no thank you really, you go ahead and I'm just going to sit over here and nibble on a raw cauliflower piece and drink my water.

I am not that highly evolved.  I ate, I ate it all and more, I ate until the walls of my stomach had expanded like a frightened blowfish, and yeah, my belleh was all, "What in God's name is this stuff?  It's thick and viscous, it's fattening and oily, it's going to stick to the walls of your arteries and stop your heart.  Please send more."

Today my weight is up, of course -- all the hard work of 11 days undone, and now I am only one pound below my start weight at the beginning of this little jaunt to thin I'm working with Quiet Battle, and it's the 11th of the month!

Not acceptable.  So tired of being a poster child for mediocrity.

Today:  almond milk and grapefruit juice and hot tea.

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